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How Oriental Rug Cleaning Differs From Carpet Cleaning

Oriental rugs make beautiful focal points in homes.  If you have purchased an oriental rug, you know that it is a true investment in your home’s decor. While standard carpeting runs around $12 per square foot on average, an oriental rug can cost up to $30 per square foot. Keeping your oriental rug on a cleaning schedule will help protect the vibrancy of its colors and an ensure a long lifespan. But just how frequently should you clean your oriental rug? Is it something you can do yourself? Here we’ll address some basics on cleaning care for your oriental rug, and explain how the cleaning process differs from what you may be used to with standard carpet cleaning.

Aside From Appearance, How Does My Oriental Rug Differ From Carpeting?

Traditional oriental rugs are made from natural fiber (wool, cotton, or silk) and are hand knotted.  Today’s carpets are typically machine manufactured and made of synthetic material. Both the material and knotting method used to make oriental rugs are what gives them their signature beauty, but they are also what make oriental rugs much more delicate.  Natural fibers are less-resistant to stain and more prone to damage than their synthetic counterparts.

How Often Is Cleaning Required?

The natural materials that oriental rugs are made from can last for years with proper cleaning maintenance.  For example, wool is an opaque fiber.  This property, combined with the fact that many oriental rugs are dyed in very deep, rich color, means that wool rugs can accumulate a lot of dirt before it becomes visible to the naked eye. Wool oriental rugs can hold up to one pound of dirt per square foot before color quality is affected. While it is a good idea to maintain a once-weekly vacuum regimen with a light canister vacuum, a professional cleaning is recommended once every one to three years.

Can I Clean My Oriental Rug Myself?

If you run a search online, you’ll find several different do-it-yourself methods for cleaning oriental rugs. However, depending on the type of material, dye, knotting method, and the age of your rug, acceptable methods for cleaning will vary greatly. To ensure that your rug is cleaned thoroughly while leaving its quality intact, it is best to contact a professional to handle thorough rug cleanings at least once every three years.

Call ServRUs For Affordable Oriental Rug Cleaning In Atlanta

When your oriental rug is due for a cleaning, call ServRUs at (678) 253-7980 or request an appointment online here.

Our specially trained technician will arrive at your scheduled appointment time, fully equipped and wearing protective shoe covers to respect your home.  He will then perform a full inspection of the rug.  Depending on the type of oriental rug you have, as well as its condition, our technician will either clean your rug on-site or bring it back to our shop for special care. Our on-site cleaning methods include steam cleaning or dry extraction. If specialized cleaning is required at our Atlanta facility, we carefully roll your rug, place it in a protective cover, and transport it safely to our professional shop. After a thorough cleaning, rugs are inspected, fringe combed and pile brushed before being delivered and relaid at your home.

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